Battery Rx™ is an advanced battery management tool designed to monitor, record and report on the health of your batteries, giving you the actionable data required to extend useful battery life and enhance overall fleet productivity. It provides an alert when there is an issue with the battery that might affect its performance or create downtime. Battery Rx provides annual cost savings by minimizing the need for battery replacements.

This advanced battery monitor is secured to the battery and communicates with your battery chargers, transforming your facility into a “smart fleet” operation. Battery Rx is able to uniquely identify each battery, and stays with it for the rest of its life, continuously monitoring use, recommending rotation schedules and advising users on estimated battery life expectancy.

Battery Rx also enables you to lower annual costs by minimizing downtime and reducing battery replacements through features such as preventative maintenance scheduling and real-time alerts for issues that might affect battery performance. It can also help you better control ongoing battery costs by automatically tracking your fleet’s battery warranty compliance, and reporting on any warranty deviations.

All battery health and charge data is directly downloadable from the battery, delivering actionable data without costly infrastructure. In addition, Battery Rx features an optional cellular connection to let you view and download real-time fleet info from the web via Webasto’s PosiCharge PosiLink back-office system. Battery Rx works with Webasto Charging Systems, Inc.’s complete line of PosiCharge products.