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The PosiCharge ProCore Edge™ opportunity charger is the latest addition to our intelligent charging family that supports and charges a wide variety of forklift batteries – regardless of type, brand, chemistry, voltage or size.

Reliability You Can Depend On

Experience minimal downtime with the high quality components and modular design of the ProCore Edge™. Built-in features and functionality ensure that your material handling operation is fully supported - all while being easy to use, safe, and reliable.

Reliability You Can Depend On

Industry-Leading Tech

ProCore Edge™ is built on the same technology that has earned our industry-leading fast-charge line the reputation for delivering reliability and extending battery life.

Multi-voltage modular design allows for configuration for multiple power levels with a range of 24-96V. The ProCore Edge modules are scalable for the unique power needs of an electric forklift fleet.

Exceptional Ease of Use

No special tools are required to install or service ProCore Edge™. What’s even better is you no longer have to mess around with bulky laptops or data cables.

Integrated LED color-coded status indicator light bar for visibility across facility.

CAN / Lithium, BMID, and Voltage automatic modes of operation. The ProCore Edge™ has the ability to charge sealed lead, flooded lead, thin plate lead, and all lithium chemistries.

Exceptional Ease of Use

Mobile Access and Control

Check the state of charge of your battery, or start/stop a charge session right from your phone.

Program and download data from a smartphone running iOS or Android. Set up new units remotely, troubleshoot, and make changes to your fleet – all from the palm of your hand.


+ Universal control board with proprietary charge algorithms

+ USB port to allow for detailed diagnostics and software uploading

+ Communication with wireless BMID through Bluetooth

Maximum Productivity

Identify, charge, and monitor energy consumed. With the right data, you can make smarter decisions to optimize your operations.

Intelligent smart controls and a universal control board equips ProCore Edge™ with proprietary charge algorithms to optimize performance for lead acid and lithium batteries.

Maximize ROI

Reap the benefits of a smart charging system that improves the performance and efficiency of your electric forklift fleet. With lower upfront costs than premium fast charge systems ProCore Edge makes for maximum ROI.

Communication with the wireless BMID provides real-time battery data so you can ensure your batteries are properly and safely charged.


The Multi-Voltage Modular Design frees up warehouse space and reduces demands on personnel. With only 3-4 serviceable parts service is easier than it’s ever been.

Productivity is enhanced, assets are optimized, battery rooms are eliminated, and workplace safety is improved.


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