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The airlines’ preferred choice in fast and energy-efficient charging systems


Airports and airlines need their operations to run efficiently and stay on time – that’s why our job is to keep your ground support equipment including aircraft tugs and tow tractors charged and ready to go.  Our PosiCharge systems bring you industry-leading fast charge solutions that are outdoor-rated to withstand the extreme conditions that your aircraft ground support equipment live in.


Our PosiCharge SVS100 outdoor fast charge system is compact and well suited for light duty airport ground support equipment applications such as small cargo warehouses, GA and FBO airport operations, regional jet operations, and for charging other large electric equipment operating in a non-hub environment.

Our PosiCharge DVS300 and MVS Lines of ground support equipment chargers are multi-port systems customizable and ideal for any airport applications. The unique distributed power systems of the MVS line allow you to increase the number of ports by only adding extra powerstations. This enables you to avoid the headaches and problems of building in additional power circuits.  That’s the flexibility and unique advantage you get with Posicharge technology.

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