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What Our Customers Say

A world of difference in productivity. Big savings that others just do not see. Employee morale has been key! They are no longer frustrated with the unproductive time and the safety concerns involved with having to change a battery in the middle of trying to get something done. A great tool - every SYSCO operating company should get a PosiCharge fast charge system.

Roy Willard VPO Raleigh, SYSCO

Everything is good! We like the product and the company. We are looking into buying more units in March. Energy savings – drastic improvements across the board. Safety – because we have made the commitment to provide a safer environment for our team. They aren’t lugging around 3000 lb. batteries. We’re building stronger loyalty from our team members with our company which gives us much improved performance.

Gary Licho VPO Roberts, SYSCO

Our investment in the PosiCharge system more than covered the potential costs associated with putting together a fully functional battery room. When service was needed, PosiCharge stepped right up! Cost savings in reducing unproductive labor hours. Does everything the system is designed to do…excellent.


Bolthouse has seen a large reduction in maintenance costs associated with battery care, and most importantly, our operators love the ease of operation with the system and the improved productivity it allows them to attain.

Joe Gamez Mobile Equipment Supervisor, Bolthouse Farms

I didn't want the cost, lost productivity and injury risks associated with changing batteries to impact our business. Posicharge gave me the solution I had been searching for.

Glenn Sutcliffe Distribution Manager, Metcash Food and Grocery, Australia

Self watering system means no more forgetting to fill up the batteries, this has resulted in excellent life span of our batteries.

Tim Kealley Manager Airport Services Gold Coast Aero-Care Pty Ltd, Australia

Based on past performance...the PosiCharge systems will be the UA standard.

Andrew Alexander Manager of GSE / Facilities Planning United Airlines

Not only do AeroVironment’s PosiCharge systems stand out because of their people, but the products are state-of-the art...PosiCharge products have consistently rated above the competition for our operational needs.

Jody Lonegan ManageR of gse
Continental Airlines

Since installing PosiCharge, we have generated a 30% savings in our energy costs. We are more productive, too!

Van Hooper VPO POrtland, SYSCO

The system is allowing our operation to be more efficient, more productive and run 24/7. Love the system. Service has stepped up to retrain our staff with turnover.

Robert Garcia Director of Facilities, FreshPoint A1A

Less downtime for our drivers with no battery changes which means much less nonproductive hours. Love it… works great! I have the flexibility to now look at using smaller batteries for our operation.


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Beyond our innovative technology, the PosiCharge team is unequalled at anticipating and solving your energy and management needs at the lowest possible annual cost.

Our award-winning team of engineers, manufacturers, quality professionals, marketers and customer service professionals stand behind PosiCharge – and everything we do. Let’s talk about what makes PosiCharge the right fit for your operation.

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