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VIDEO: PosiCharge ProCore with Advanced Connect RX - Unparalleled Safety for Electric Forklift Charging

Apr 04, 2017

Check out our new video demonstrating Advanced Connect Rx™, our latest safety technology that is now a standard feature on the PosiCharge™ ProCore™ series of electric forklift chargers. Advanced Connect Rx™ enables industry-leading operational safety for fast charging electric forklifts by providing early warning of high connector temperatures with an innovative dual set point sensor for warning and fault levels. 

Taking Charge of Your Material Handling Batteries

Nov 30, 2015

How do you charge up your forklift fleet? Are you happy with the status quo? Or, are you an opportunist, taking advantage of what’s in front of you? Perhaps you would rather live life in the fast lane? No matter what your charging outlook, when it comes to keeping your material handling batteries up and running properly, we have the right solution for you.


Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

EPRI's Lift Truck Life Cycle Costs Calculator App Helps Determine Your Cost Savings Going Electric

Aug 07, 2015

The Electric Power Research Intitute's mobile app is a useful resource that helps to determine the potential ROI on electrifying your forklift fleet. The EPRI Lift Truck Calculator makes it easy to compare the overall cost of ownership for material handling vehicles based on fuel type: propane, diesel or electric. With this calculator, you’ll be able to determine the true cost savings and estimated environmental benefits of electric trucks versus the internal combustion counterparts.

You can easily enter key factors based on your specific operation and the Lift Truck Calculator does the rest.

PosiCharge - The Power of Industrial Productivity

Mar 05, 2014

Video demonstrating how Posicharge Fast Charging Systems increase productivity and eliminate the need for a battery room.

With Posicharge fast charging systems, batteries are charged at a much higher rate (40+A / 100Ahrs) at regular intervals throughout the day (including breaks, lunches, and shift changes), without ever leaving the vehicle.

CitiCapital To Provide Finance Solutions For PosiCharge® Customers

Jun 04, 2004

PosiCharge® provides safe, fast, in-truck battery charging for industrial electric vehicles, thereby eliminating the need for battery changing. PosiCharge increases productivity, improves safety, lowers operating costs, and streamlines operations of some of North America's largest, most profitable companies.

CitiCapital is the largest independent source of material handling financing in the United States and works with six of the top 10 U.S. forklift operators," said Pat Dellario, general manager, PosiCharge. "With these credentials, we're confident that we can significantly reduce end-user acquisition costs by quickly providing our customers with a wide variety of tailored financing options at competitive rates."



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