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The Future is Here: ProCore x Lithium Motive Battery Systems

Jan 30, 2017

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is one of the most demanding and important operations imaginable: Supplying the U.S. military with mission-critical supplies that keep operations smooth. Their distribution centers worldwide ship over 2,000 tons of goods daily to every corner of the globe, and with a demand like that there’s no such thing as downtime.

Each of their forklifts travel the equivalent of 30 football fields a day, and that kind of intense workload rules out clunky solutions like battery changing. With the lost productivity, wasted facility space and potential for injuries that come along with battery changing, the DLA had to find a more elegant solution. That’s why they turned to PosiCharge ProCore intelligent fast chargers for their facilities.

ProCore frees up space in the facility because of the unique ability to be mounted where forklifts actually will be charging, not in special rooms. This extra space can be directly translated into more room for operations and increased productivity. Plus, the batteries stay in the vehicle and only recharge when your employees do – during scheduled breaks and shift changes – so there is a lower chance of injuries from changing procedures, cross-plant traffic and toxic battery spills.

The DLA, and most ProCore users, are able to reduce their battery inventory by almost 50%, and batteries hooked up to our intelligent fast chargers often last up to 40% longer thanks to our unique charging algorithms and automated features. Add that to the fact that ProCore is battery universal -even charging the lithium ion batteries of the future, as shown in the video- and it’s easy to see why DLA chose ProCore for their operations.

Check out the video of the Battery Showdown and then give us a call to learn more about PosiCharge ProCore!



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