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Taking Charge of Your Material Handling Batteries

Nov 30, 2015

How do you charge up your forklift fleet? Are you happy with the status quo? Or, are you an opportunist, taking advantage of what’s in front of you? Perhaps you would rather live life in the fast lane? No matter what your charging outlook, when it comes to keeping your material handling batteries up and running properly, we have the right solution for you.


Let’s take a closer look, shall we?


With what’s known as conventional charging, forklift batteries charge overnight (4-6 hours) and are ready to go the next morning. This method is best for single shift operations that don’t require battery charging during the day.

Opportunity charging is just that – charging the battery during breaks, lunch, shift changes (2-3 hours) – basically, whenever an opportunity presents itself. If you operate multiple shifts and have limited time to charge throughout the day, this type of charging may be for you.  Opportunity charging helps to extend shifts and reduces the need to change out batteries between shifts.


Want your forklifts to be the best they can be? Then, you need fast charging. With fast charging, batteries are completely charged in just 1-1.5 hours (half the time it takes for conventional charging). This means that your forklifts can work effectively – all day, every day. How’s that for increased productivity? Another benefit of fast charging is that you only need one battery per truck - no need for additional batteries, and no need to waste time changing them out. Operations with back-to-back shifts are great candidates for fast charging.


Our lineup of PosiCharge energy-efficient chargers are designed to reduce the total number of batteries you need to operate a fleet – and improve the efficiency and life cycle of the battery itself. From light to heavy duty charging solutions for single or double shift operations, to multiple shifts for round-the-clock performance, we have your answer. Read more about PosiCharge and how we can help you elevate efficiency and performance here.



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