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PosiCharge - The Power of Industrial Productivity

Mar 05, 2014

Video demonstrating how Posicharge Fast Charging Systems increase productivity and eliminate the need for a battery room.

With Posicharge fast charging systems, batteries are charged at a much higher rate (40+A / 100Ahrs) at regular intervals throughout the day (including breaks, lunches, and shift changes), without ever leaving the vehicle. Fast chargers are placed throughout the facility where drivers take their breaks so they can plug in during non-productive times, instead of taking time out of their productive work cycle, thus minimizing truck downtime and maximizing driver productivity. In addition, smart chargers are universally sized to charge any battery, and are intelligently equipped to recognize a battery’s size and voltage to provide a charge profile within the safety parameters of the battery. This means that drivers are productive, batteries are protected, and battery warranties are honored. And because the battery is always charged on-board the vehicle, assets are optimized at a 1:1 ratio of batteries to trucks, eliminating the extra burden of stocking extra batteries.

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White Paper

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