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A History of Innovation

PosiCharge’s parent company, AeroVironment, was founded in 1971 by inventor Dr. Paul MacCready to help businesses and government meet their environmental and energy objectives. Time Magazine called Dr. MacCready “One of the greatest minds of the 20th century,” and The American Society of Mechanical Engineers named him “Engineer of the Century.” Our commitment to innovation, creativity and excellence has flowed from our founding through to today.

AeroVironment’s knowledge and expertise in electric vehicles and charging goes all the way back to our World Record breaking Sunraycer solar-electric racecar, to our development of the first mass produced EV with General Motors, the EV-1, and to today, where our charging solutions and test systems are trusted by thousands of consumers, businesses, automakers, airlines, and the U.S. government.

In the mid 1990s, AV was asked to develop and implement the first EV charging network in Hawaii to allow the newly burgeoning EV market to flourish. We developed a revolutionary fast charger that could stand up to the punishing tropical climate, and delivered over 250 charging stations.

Our experience, and state of the art technology, caught the attention of the U.S. Airforce, who needed a durable, high-efficiency and powerful fast charger for their aircraft ground support vehicles. We developed the first industrial PosiCharge product and delivered them to some of the most demanding locations around the world, from airports in Alaska to U.S. military bases in Afghanistan.

Ever since then we have been consistently innovating, perfecting and creating some of the most advanced and efficient industrial fast chargers available in the world. Along the way we created the first connected intelligent charger with integrated cellular data, and the first fast charging solution able to support a Fortune 500 materials handling operation.

Many of our original PosiCharge products are still in use a decade and a half later, with customers returning to us again and again because of our quality, reliability, safety and the expertise of our team. 

Our latest product, PosiCharge ProCore, is the first intelligent charger that can be managed and updated from a mobile app. This allows direct access to vital fleet management information without having to pull data from every device individually across your entire facility. ProCore also comes with Connect Rx™, our new cable connector health monitoring technology that detects connector abnormalities during charging sessions. This advanced feature adds an unmatched level of safety to your operation.

Battery life…didn’t buy a battery for six years. My referral of PosiCharge is always positive. We were the first.Whenever someone calls us about PosiCharge, I always say to get PosiCharge. Alan Scoggins, VPO, SYSCO Las Vegas

Battery Experts, Innovation Specialists

Today we design, develop, produce, support and operate an advanced portfolio of Efficient Energy Systems (EES) and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). Our EV test systems and charging solutions have become the intelligent choice for electric vehicle manufacturers, fleet managers and drivers, paving the way for a cleaner, more sustainable world.

AV Test Systems

We’ve set the standard for a wide range of testing, charging and development activities for the EV industry. AeroVironment’s Power Cycling and Test Systems provide market-leading simulation and cycling capabilities for EV developers and EV battery manufacturers. www.avtestsystems.com

EV Solutions

Our comprehensive line of residential and commercial EV charging solutions includes the portable, dual-voltage TurboCord, EVSE-RS, TurboDock and complete installation, training and support services. AeroVironment is the preferred integrated home charging solution supplier for eight global automakers and their growing fleets of plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles. Our products are used by consumers, utilities, government agencies and businesses alike. www.evsolutions.com


Looking to the sky, our breakthrough unmanned aircraft systems generate and process data to deliver powerful, on-demand insight to people engaged in military, public safety and commercial activities around the world. www.avinc.com

Our scientists and engineers look for answers to the questions of tomorrow. Our four-decade history of technological firsts and industry changing innovations makes us certain in our ability and resolve. It is the same certainty we aim to provide our customers when they need it the most.

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