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Posicharge Fast Charger Keeps Democratic National Convention Rolling

Sep 18, 2000

Monrovia, California, September 18, 2000 - AeroVironment's 60 kW PosiCharge® fast charger was used extensively to keep eight electric shuttle buses with operating 20-hours a day in and around the Staples Center during last month's Democratic National Convention. The fast charger is compatible with the City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power's (DWP) entire 21 electric shuttle bus fleet.

"The PosiCharge was developed to help the electric vehicle industry overcome charge time and travel range constraints by providing a faster, more convenient recharging system," says PosiCharge Product Manager, Dale Foster. "Its use at the Democratic National Convention is an excellent example of how fast charging technology aids in a more efficient electric vehicle operation," adds Foster.

The following news article on the recent Democratic National Convention was published in the DWP's Contact publication, on September 4, 2000.

Source: DWP, Public Affairs

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP) provided 21 electric shuttle buses for the Democratic National Convention (DNC). These buses were used to transport Fire and Police personnel, as well as bus drivers, DNC volunteers and members of the press.

"Prior to the DNC some people saw electric buses as experimental prototypes, but we have now proven that electric buses are a viable and cleaner alternative to diesel-powered buses," said S. David Freeman, General Manager. DWP's fleet of electric buses performed well at the convention. All routes were completed and no passengers were stranded.

A well coordinated effort from organizations such as Fleet Services, Electrical Wiring, Service Planning, Electrical Distribution, Facilities Maintenance, and Electric Transportation made planning and execution of this DWP event possible. DWP personnel rose to the occasion and made this event an overwhelming success. "We were pleased to be a part of this year's DNC, helping make it an environmental and enjoyable experience for all," said Angelina Galeteva, Director of Strategic Planning.

DWP's Electric Transportation Group (ET) headed by Scott Briasco orchestrated this fine demonstration of the capabilities of electric buses. Two temporary electric bus service facilities were constructed to accommodate buses at the Staples Center as well as at the Coliseum staging location.

From these temporary facilities, our Electric Vehicle Service Technicians and the ET staff were able to recharge and perform minor repairs to the electric buses in between routes.

"The performance and acceptance of these buses exceeded all expectations for these vehicles," said Daryl Yonamine of the ET Group. One of the consistent applications of the fleet of vehicles was to transport the bus drivers back and forth between their dorms and their buses. These bus drivers would then spend their day moving delegates around Los Angeles in 40-foot diesel powered buses. Most of these bus drivers commented on how dependable and how comfortable our electric buses are. "All of my drivers were pleased with the electric buses and would love the chance to drive them again," said Ms. Pat Moore of Events Transportation, Inc.

The electric bus produces no on-road emissions, making it the cleanest form of transportation available today. The electric bus is much quieter than conventional diesel powered buses and subjects the rider to far less vibration than a typical internal combustion system, which truly enhances the riding experience.

DNC volunteers, organized by the mayor's office, were transported to many DNC events. Their contributions to this convention were invaluable, and DWP was pleased to be able to assist this group by providing transportation. These volunteers enjoyed the electric bus experience and were soon requesting more and more electric buses to help move their participants around Los Angeles.

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